Capital construction projects bankrupt universities as underwriters rake in millions

Andrew Ross recently wrote a piece for Dissent that is very good.  It concerns the capital construction projects that are appearing at colleges and universities all over the country.  You can read it below: Why has the price tag of an American college degree skyrocketed (500 percent in the public sector since 1985) in recent […]

The Obama Administration still wants to be your big brother

The Obama administration is planning on delivering a bill to Congress next year that would require all internet-based communications using encryption to comply with federal wiretap orders. This includes providing information on how to decrypt messages on all devices. Currently, RIM, the makers of Blackberry, have been in a tough battle with several countries over […]

I am not a traitor

I awoke this morning to a link and a reminder of Mr. George Hutchins’ website from someone I chat with online. I was told that he was a great patriotic American. I really don’t like the site. It’s been made fun of a lot on the internet already. I made jokes about its last century […]