I have written more than one million words on the internet for Dailycensored and other sites.  The lack of critical thinking never ceases to amaze me as I read comments by shills, trolls and other provocateurs.  Not only do many people not have the ability to think critically, they cannot even dialogue effectively. One reason […]

Western Supported Lynching of Black Africans in Libya…‏

Click the link below to listen to the show. Please join us this episode as we were joined by Dr. Randy Short and Mr. Navid Nasr for an important dialogue on the continued destructive US government, and Western media, propaganda scheme regarding Libya. The US government and corporate media continue to openly and financially […]

Americans are getting "Pimped"! Please join us, Your World News, (Monday November 8 2010 at 7:00 PM EST) for an honest dialogue and non-mainstream analysis of the tangible capitalist destruction of society, US electoral politics and corporate media. (If you cannot listen LIVE today you can always listen to the show on ARCHIVE at anytime) America is not […]

Adopting the A Priori Ethics of the Founders

In my last posting on The Daily Censored, I argued that it was not only possible but necessary to engage in a larger, conceptual ethical analysis of the breakdown of America we are seeing today. This argument finds good company in the ethical pronouncements of the Founders themselves, who tended to be much more rationalist than empiricist in their moral pronouncements that lie at the foundation of our democracy.