Detroit: How to organize and win!

  Readers: Picture of David Bing, mayor of Detroit, Robert Bobb, Financial manager and employee of Eli Broad along with a representative from a major textbook company seeking contracts to be paid for by taxpayers. The following is from members of the Detroit Federation of Teachers.  They have been fighting for some time now the […]

Detroit, BAMN, mayoral control and the fight against the privatization of education

Readers: ‘By Any Means Necessary’  ( is no doubt the most vibrant and militant mobilization of teacher, youth and community in the United States. Today, Sunday the 13th, De’Von Burt, the courageous high school student who I have interviewed and written about for Daily Censored was on Aljazeera English!  De’Von was interviewed by Aljazeera in […]

Another Big School Anti-Privatization Victory today for teachers, students, parents, and the citizens of Detroit!

With the successful march on Washington, April 10, 2010 in front of Arne’s cubbyhole and the recent victories handed to BAM and Detroit Schools, Arne Duncan and his cronies must have their underwear in a knot. City by city they had been having their way but now that the forces, mostly made up of students and teachers, are standing up to Race to the Top and catching whiff of the negative consequences of the flawed policy, Duncan must feel frustrated.