We don't need no education, we don't need no thought control

Hands Down: Banishing questioning from schools “All and all you’re just another brick in the Wall” What is deemed a ‘Classroom Experiment’ in England, using methods that were tested on 25 pupils at Hertswood school in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire for one term has come to the lofty conclusion that students achieve better results when they keep […]

German unemployed working class line up for 'vouchers' as the ruling class decides who is 'workshy'

Germany to give vouchers to their jobless citizens instead of unemployment ‘cash’: Authoritarianism on the rise in Europe According to news released today from Mail online from England: “German benefits claimants who do not put enough effort into getting a job are being issued with food coupons and vouchers for clothes and household goods instead […]

Serfdom as curriculum: etiquette training

TEACHING THE SERFS TO OBEY IN NEO-VICTORIAN ENGLAND AND WALES Ladette To Lady, a reality show teaching wayward girls good manners, is being mirrored by a school in Wales where three-year-olds will be taught etiquette.  Yes, it is true; the reality TV show will now become the butler-curriculum for childhood. Mailonline.com noted in today’s news […]

Moving like a cancer — 'free schools' and 'free markets' - dateline England

England ponders ‘free schools’  The mad dash to reform education is not limited to that which parades here in America as educational reform.  In England, plans are being made to allow schools to open in office buildings, or hospitals to be converted into schools.  In Sweden this is already the case (Sweden has seen many […]