Washington Post Co. used Kaplan students as a pawn to threaten Congress

Many readers might be wondering about the incessant coverage of for-profit predatory colleges and universities like Kaplan or the Phoenix University, to name just a few.  The reason for the non-stop coverage is due to the incessant lobbying and profit taking on behalf of the one percent who own these colleges and seek to profit at […]

Drive-by predatory colleges put students into debt purgatory and deficits into the stratosphere

Even the supplicant Wall Street Journal can’t turn their head from the crime scene.  If you get under the yellow tape and put on your forensic gloves you will find that Americans now owe more on their student loans than their credit cards and this bodes very badly for both working students and society as […]

Stop The Bubble Machine

The following excerpts are from the N Y Times, Burdened by Defaults, Bank of America Misses Forecast By JACK HEALY and LOUISE STORY. “After two taxpayer bailouts, Bank of America is still struggling to stand on its own. A prolonged recession has turned a stream of credit card delinquencies into a torrent, and caused mortgage […]