USA and NATO Are Terrorists? The Story of Raymond Davis

Was Raymond Davis organizing terrorist activities in Pakistan for the United States government? If so then this begs the question are the US government and NATO behind other terrorist acts we hear about in the press? Dave Lindorff reports in ‘Counter Punch’ that American Raymond Davis was a CIA employee and mercenary who shot two […]

America's Political Prisoners  Please join us for a very important show regarding the plight of America’s political prisoners that continue to languish behind US federal prison bars. Year after year, this US government continues to feel the need to lecture other countries about human rights and their political prisoners yet the US warehouses more political prisoners than […]

Obama Fires General McChrystal but Crisis Continues

US President Barack Obama has just fired the US general in charge of the war in Afghanistan – General Stanley McChrystal. The last time this happened was a half-century ago, when then-President Truman fired General Douglas Macarthur, who was in charge of the US troops in the war in Korea. When finance capital (and other […]