Eddy Cosmas avoids the guillotine

Tanzanian Gay Activist Eddy Cosmas won his right to a full appeal of the UK’s deportation proceedings against him, which means he’s off “fast track” deportation from Britain and will be released from detention today! Had he been deported back to Tanzania, he would have faced imprisonment and likely death for his sexual orientation. His […]

"..bring him, he will die at the airport!!!" The case of Edson Cosmas

  Posting on a Tanzanian web message board, translated from Swahili: one of many abusive and threatening posts about Edson Cosmas, gay activist threatened with deportation to Tanzania  Edson “Eddy” Cosmas is a young gay man from Tanzania (TZ) facing imminent deportation from the UK where he applied for, but was denied, asylum. He is […]