Who Are The Occupiers?

Portland, Oregon, is occupied. In the blink of an eye, Portland became a police state. Good cop became bad cop in the space of a day — specifically Nov. 13, when Portland’s formal downtown Occupation was rousted and the parks were fenced off. Since then they have been guarded 24/7 by gruff police in riot […]

Echoes of Rodney King: LAPD's Finest Attack a Family Birthday Party

By Dennis Bernstein July 27, 2010 The Los Angeles Police Department’s Foothill Division, made famous by the videotaped beating of Rodney King almost two decades ago, has been caught in action again – this time on a cell-phone video – breaking up a family birthday party in Pacoima, California. The Baro family of Mexican immigrants […]

America’s Police Force: a Centuries-Long Crime Spree

On January 1, 2009, young Oscar Grant was killed by a transit cop in Oakland, California. While lying face down with a cop kneeling on his neck, Grant was shot in the back by another cop as a crowd of train passengers watched in horror. Grant, was an African-American; Mehserle is white. Both were in […]