Internet Noir: Confession from a hired internet shill/troll

Readers might know that has been hacked at least twice, very severely.  Once, last year after articles appeared about criminal Kaplan University, blood bank for the Washington Post.  Again, just a few weeks ago after articles appeared about the NSA and their devious Orwellian repressive apparatus. We do not know who is responsible, but […]

Bestselling Chief Economist goes public: US a criminal oligarchy

Source: Carl Herman, Seventy weeks on the NY Times bestselling-list was the outcome of Chief Economist John Perkins book, Confessions of an Economic Hitman. Here is a short version of his story; excerpt below from the excellent interview by the Daily Bell. I call for a “turn around” from the criminal economic system the US suffers under: a […]

SO YOU WANT TO BLOW YOUR WHISTLE? Confessions of a whistle blower!

By David Goodstein Expectation – The government really wants to uncover fraud and punish the guilty! The Reality  - Don’t bother, the government’s first priority is ‘taking care of business’, big business! As the former Director of Education* for the Kaplan owned CHI Institute in Broomall, PA I was intimately involved in 2006 when an […]