Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale at Kaplan Test Prep!!!!

  For those that didn’t know it, the Washington Post’s blood bank, Kaplan, does not just run a for-profit diploma mill they call a privatized ‘university’; they also have three other vampire subsidiaries that fall under ‘education’ and that comprise their Kaplan educational business.  Educational sales by Kaplan make up 62% of the Post revenues.  […]

Concord Law Symposium Violates Disclosure & Conflict of Interest Rules: Parsasites looking for a host

Concord Law , Kaplan University’s on line law school, which is owned by the Washington Post Company, is holding an “academic” symposium On Oct 29, 2011 entitled” Privacy vs. Free Speech in the age of Mass Media, 21st Century Communications and Social Media”.  Concord   decided to utilize 21st Century communications to promote the symposium using a […]