Center for Constitutional Rights denounces media silence: A former CNN journalist confirms the "manufacture" of information

The following article is from The Telegrafo newspaper out of Ecuador.  all over Latin America people and their governments know that the US is fixing the news and muddling the minds of the American people. Only in the US are most people unaware of the sordid news coverage by the corporate owned media.  Fixating on […]

2-minute video: FOX edits, fakes applause for John Bolton pro-war response

The 2-minute video is a public meeting of former US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton responding to a US war veteran’s question. The video shows that FOX then edits-out the audience response to replace it with applause from a different person’s question. The proof is that the applause-segment shows  a different person walking away […]

Analyzing the defense of groping passengers

[youtube][/youtube] It is important to note that CNN did not have anyone to present a counterargument to the topic of groping small children. If CNN doesn’t bring in anyone from the other side to show people’s concerns about the FAA industry, how unbiased is this report? The anchor on the left also believes that it’s […]

How Rev. Terry Jones Could Save The World

Early on the morning of Friday, September 10, 2010, the Rev. Terry Jones hastily called a press conference on the steps of his church, the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida, and emerged pale and shaken to read a short announcement to reporters from CNN, Fox, MSNBC, AP, the Daily Show, and all the […]

Is the Media Being Vigilant Enough in Covering the Oil Spill?

By Guest Blogger Anthony DiMaggio A new Pew Research Center poll finds strong public support for media in its coverage of the gulf oil crisis.  Sixty-seven percent of respondents report having “a lot” or “some” confidence in “news organizations” in their reporting on the oil crisis.  This is significantly higher than those displaying “a lot” […]

Alex Jones interview blasts corporate media war lies that killed millions; explains patriots’ resistance

engage in comments and view the video interview at source. Any person competent with the disclosed facts of evidence and US war laws can prove that US government and media “leadership” willfully lied by commission and omission to cause unlawful war in Iraq. I document the evidence and explain the law in writing here. I verbally walk […]

CNN Uses Massive Education Protest to Push Performance Pay

The March 4th protest scheduled to take place in 29 States across America in protest against cut-backs in the education system has been interpreted by CNN’s resident expert as an attack against the overpayment of teachers. Steve Perry, CNN’s “Education Contributor” suggests that the protests are a sign that “There needs to be some honest conversations about what’s […]

The Chinese CNN?

It has been well documented that the Chinese Media Machine has been working over time to get its nationalist message out that dissidence will not be tolerated, but with more and more of the country’s younger population able to hack through the government controlled Internet, China must do something.  God forbid if the Chinese population […]