News from Detroit Public Schools and the Detroit Federation of Teachers

Thursday Union Meeting!  Friday Court!  Saturday Meeting!  TIP $250 challenge rolls  forward! This is a huge week in the fight to save DPS and the DFT. Friday, 11: am.   Rob Bobb, the Financial Manager and bag-man for Eli Broad (the billionaire philanthro-capitalist bent on privatizing schools) and allm his plans for school privatization and school closures […]

Here are the names! They don't even hide their intentions anymore — class war

The new charter hucksters and their deep pockets don’t even hide the fact they are taking over public schools. The sad fact is the Obama Administration does. Take a look at the new self described “challengers of conventional thinking”. They are all captains of sophistry and market fundamentalism. The problem is they are so well funded that resistance will have to come in droves to drive them out.

We must repeal No Child Left Behind. If we did this we could put them out of business. They need NCLB to make their plan work!