Supporting the Black Farmers

Supporting the Black Farmers! Please join us for an in-depth interview with Robert Binion as we discuss the ongoing battle of Black Farmers seeking justice, in the face of discrimination, from the USDA. (If you cannot listen LIVE today you can always listen to the show on ARCHIVE at anytime) Farmers from Alabama, Mississippi, […]

Is Green Dot 'Public'Schools using their non-profit status illegally? Bath tub gin from the astro-turf organization —- Parent Revolution

“I lodged the initial complaint (against Green Dot) in August. They’ve been conducting an investigation ever since. I’ve been sending them information as often as I can. They don’t like how I do it publicly, but they did provide me the case number recently. Since their investigation is ongoing, they haven’t published anything yet. However, the following might help.”

City Ethics Commission

Tara Messina