The Evil Underbelly Of Out Sourcing Jobs

The problem of unemployment here is a bit more complex about outsourcing.  If it cost $30,000 to make a car here and it can be made somewhere else for $3,000, then it makes sense to make it there.  It means that that country has a greater economic advantage for making cars. Countries that have a […]

Its Time, That 1,000 lb Gorilla In The Corner…

It started with someone praising Donald Trump for saying that the first thing he would do is put a tariff on Chinese goods if he was to be elected President.   And I replied… NO, A THOUSAND TIMES NO. The problem with the items from China is not that the jobs are going there. They have […]

The Herd Of Elephants In The Corner

NPR was about to explore the dangers of a “protective tariff” that was just passed on goods from countries with state controlled currencies.  Specifically, that would be China.  Because China keeps their currency “low” relative to the dollar, that makes Chinese goods cheaper than American goods.  It makes it easier for Americans to buy Chinese […]