FCC Public Hearing/ Tampa: MARK A. ADAMS tells the FCC…

Mark A. Adams (former writer for Dailycensored.com), an attorney representing hero whistle-blower Clint Curtis as well as two other plaintiffs contesting their 2006 Congressional elections in Florida, delivers a powerful testimony to the Federal Communications Commission in Tampa regarding the complete lack of media coverage of so many failures of our Florida voting systems… Mr. […]

Today in for-profit ‘college’ news

The Apollo Group (partially owned by the Carlyle Group) is really ramping up its advertising, spending $665 million this year (as it closes more than 100 physical sites) (http://chronicle.com/blogs/bottomline/u-of-phoenix-reboots-advertising-and-rebrands-in-the-process/).   The Apollo Group owns The University of Phoenix which receives eighty nine percent if not more, of its revenue from you, the taxpayer who will […]

Online Degrees Are a Waste of Money!!

On-line degrees are not only a waste of money, but they fail to provide any meaningful learning.  While they are boasted to be about ‘getting a degree’ at one’s own leisure and isolated in the privacy of their own homes, the truth of the matter is far different. Below is one of the most honest […]

Obama's perfidity and for-profit colleges: the shame of it all

August 23, 2013 President Obama once again showed his perfidiousness when it comes to the issue of for-profit schools and higher education.  In response to a question at an event where Obama was appearing Friday night at Binghamton University in New York state, Obama said these criminal enterprises were “making out like a bandit” preying […]

Notes from the underground: The University of Phoenix

  The following are just some of the comments from faculty and students regarding the University of Phoenix.  As stated in my article (http://www.dailycensored.com/the-apollo-group-and-its-for-profit-university-of-phoenix-is-bilking-teacher-pension-funds-taxpayers-and-students-for-hundreds-of-millions-of-dollars/) the Apollo Group who owns the decrepit university, is on the stock exchange and is bought by many public teacher pension funds.  Disinvestment must be the order of the day.  How […]

The 2nd quarter results from WPO/ Kaplan University (10K) don’t bode well for student-consumers

At criminal Kaplan University, the little shop of horrors, revenues were down over first six months and total student enrollment was down, but operating income was up.  Kaplan increased operating income by cutting expenses related to decreased enrollment and by modifying the Kaplan commitment trial period (http://www.thestreet.com/story/11997669/6/the-washington-post-company-reports-second-quarter-earnings.html). The Washington Post which owns Kaplan, sells college […]

The Obama 20/20 plan for education: ‘chump change’ you can’t believe in”

This is the first part of a two part series on ‘Obama’s 20/20 plan’ for higher education.  In this first part we will critically examine the initial ‘leg’ of the two part plan.  In the second part, we will examine the second ‘leg’ of the ‘trousered’, Obama plan.  In the second part, we will also […]

Divestiture: They vote with their feet, Catherine Ferguson Academy (CFA) Students & Supporters Walk Out to Demand a Real Education, Not Fake Education on the Cheap

In the past I have written extensively on Detroit schools and especially the Catherine Ferguson Academy (CFA) (google Detroit Schools, Dailycensored.com). Well, Detroit once again is leading a process of needed divestment from the ravages of privatization.  And, By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) is once again leading the pack with support from community leaders, parents […]

Action Alert: Green Party opposes AB955. No to Contract Education. Yes to Fair Taxes: Das Williams supported by the University of Phoenix

Readers might have been following the articles I have written on AB955, the two-tiered system of education being proposed by Das Williams, the Assemblyman and corporate democrat from Ventura and Santa Barbara County, in California.  You can ‘Google’ within Dailycensored.com “Das Williams and AB955″ to read more. What is not well known is that Williams […]