Today in for-profit ‘college’ news

The Apollo Group (partially owned by the Carlyle Group) is really ramping up its advertising, spending $665 million this year (as it closes more than 100 physical sites) (   The Apollo Group owns The University of Phoenix which receives eighty nine percent if not more, of its revenue from you, the taxpayer who will […]

Teacher Layoffs Make Way for School Privatization

As he begins his second term, Obama’s school privatization agenda is chugging along at full steam. Citing the Department of Labor’s monthly employment report, the World Socialist Website reveals that 11,000 public school teachers were laid off in December 2012. This brings total teacher lay-offs since 2008 to 300,000. The layoffs are consistent with Obama’s […]

Invest in Charter Schools, Get a Green Card

October 28, 2012 As I have been reporting for years, it is just a matter of time when the trillions in cash from India and China flow into the US to buy all public or now privatized assets. The money must be invested and what better place than in a banana republic? All of this […]

Students protest ouster of principal, staff and teachers by Future is Now Charter Chain backed by Bill Gates

Students in Detroit walkd out of their schools when Robert Bobb, the lapdog for Elye Broad and his union busting, privatizing crew of superintendent trainers, muscled into Detroit schools thanks to corporate democrat and Governor at the time, Jennifer Granholm.  In fact, they even sat in at her office to stop the appointment of another […]

Leaked Document Shows Michelle Rhee Working With Connecticut Astroturf Group To Push ALEC’s “Parent Trigger”

Rhee’s group was coordinating with an astroturf organization in Connecticut. (Photo credit: Flickr user angela n.) Next month, the film Won’t Back Down will be released in theaters nationwide. This drama starring Maggie Gylenhall and Viola Davis — and backed by Walmart and the right-wing Anschutz Film Group — promotes the “parent trigger,” an American […]

"Missionary Zeal": The Miseducation of "Other People's Children"

The education reform debate is fueled by a seemingly endless and even fruitless point-counterpoint among the corporate reformers—typically advocates for and from the Gates Foundation (GF), Teach for America (TFA), and charter chains such as Knowledge Is Power Program (KIPP)—and educators/scholars of education. Since the political and public machines have embraced the corporate reformers, GF, […]

Chicago teachers vote to give union to call a strike

  Chicago has been the focus of corporate school “reform,” but Chicago is now the epicenter of the push back against it. On June 11, 2012, Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) leaders announced that 89.73% of CTU members—98% of those who cast ballots—voted to give the union authority to call a strike if contract negotiations with […]

EDUCATION, humor, satire, vouchers, charter schools, cyberschools

Vouchering an Educational Adventure   by WALTER BRASCH   I hadn’t talked with Marshbaum for a couple of years, ever since he left newspaper journalism for more lucrative work in the fast food industry. But here he was in my office to ask if I would publicize his new educational adventure. “That’s great!” I said. […]