The Education Celebrity Tour: Legend of the Fall, Pt. II

The U.S. is floundering at the bottom of international comparisons of education, and what makes this worse is that in the grand ol’ 1950s, the U.S. was at the top—at least that is one story offered by Michelle Rhee on a recent episode of the Colbert Report. Like the discussion of Waiting for Superman by […]

Welcome Amy Goodman. Now, Let’s Speak Some Truth to Left-wing Power

The title of this essay may seem a bit presumptuous. After all, since when did the left-wing come to any “power” in American society? In fact, they have not ascended to any level of power, except in regard to their own internal left-wing communities. That is the intended examination here: to see how some of […]

Chris Hedges Tells Us To Reject Brand Obama

Author Chris Hedges tells readers to reject brand Obama. Based on advertising methods Barrack Obama’s Presidency is designed to make citizens feel good about government while ordinary people’s political enemies in government loot Treasuries, expand war for empire, destroy Constitutional rights and virtually copy Bush Administration policies; fooling citizens into believing they are getting something […]