Reagan's Ex-Budget Director Slams Crony Capitalism

An attack on “crony capitalism” David Stockman, Reagan’s former budget director, published in the the March 31st New York Times has come in for major attack from both the right and left. Given the piece provides a fairly accurate analysis of America’s current economic woes, I find this quite sad. Stockman also attacks  crony capitalism […]

Don't sit under the banana tree with anyone else but Rhee: Michele Rhee invited to speak to for-profit college "union" for $50K

On January 23 the Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities (APSCU), the trade “ union” group for for-profit colleges in the United States, announced that former president George W. Bush would be the keynote speaker at the lobbying group’s annual conference on June 22, 2012 at Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. […]