Social Security Broken? Not By A Long Shot

The average monthly Social Security benefit for a retired worker was about $1,177 at the beginning of 2011. The poverty line for a single person, living in the continental U S in 2001 is $10,890 There are three problems with Social Security according to a lot of people.  They take too much out of my check.  […]

Republicans are out for blood- Yours.

The Republicans want to kill the health care bill.  They want to strip kids from their parent’s coverage.  They want to eliminate affordable coverage for people who have lost insurance along with their jobs.  They want to put a cap back on the amount of coverage your health insurance will have to pay.  AND, they […]

The truth about California's special election.

The mainstream media, the governor, and all the leaders in the state legislature are currently going along with the extremist right-wing notion that in this special election, the majority of Californians were rejecting tax increases, and wanted spending cut to the bone. This is simply not true, since according to this article and this poll, the majority of Californians were […]