Wikileaks claims Irishman gunned down in Bolivia was set up

  U.S. cable links Bolivian govt to death plot, secret plan The Guardina newspaper from England reported in 2009 that the police in Bolivia had shot dead three men, including one identified by local officials as an Irish national, over an alleged plot to assassinate the country’s president, Evo Morales.  Bolivian police at the time said […]

False Media: Deconstructing Corporate Media If you cannot Listen Live you can always Listen on Archive by Clicking the Link Above Please join us this episode (Wednesday January 26th at 8:00 PM EST) as we pay particular attention to the continued corporate usurpation of TV and radio airwaves as well as the internet, by behemoth corporations. The most recent […]

The beginning of the end of the internet

Google and Verizon have made a deal that would allow Verizon to speed up connections to certain websites that have paid for the privilege. Those who favor Net Neutrality have been warning of this situation for several years, yet many have continued to believe it would never happen. Senator Al Franken recently reminded us why […]