There are a number of ways one can address a problem.  The one I face here is one of simple hacking, in a sense.  While no one has been able yet to hack my password so that they can publish articles in my name, apparently I have rattled someone’s cage enough that they have made […]

You are about to enter a "brave new world."

In the interest of self-preservation I am ending my blog.  The government here is reducing or eliminating taxes, depending on which tax you are talking about.  The new governor is also going to eliminate services, the first of which, I just heard, is the state support of public libraries In order for a government to […]

The way I live: The beginning

As a college student, I suppose I should have fifteen of my own blog sites, but I don’t.  Trust me, I’m not against blog sites like Facebook, Myspace, and so on.  However, too many of the typical blogs are little more than soap operas – drama queens talking about each other and who they’re currently […]

Egyptian Activist Takes Fight Against Government Corruption Online

As technology changes and the media with it, we find stories such as this one showing that people have a new weapon against government repression.  We must keep as many independent news channels open as possible and this article shows how that can happen in the new age of blogging:  Nora Younis has risen to […]


Hello everyone, I hope to provide you with a fix of interesting material from all over the world. As we end a long political campaign and head to the direction of much needed change, the wing nuts and talking heads are re-grouping as we speak. It’s my goal to provide you with the facts and […]