Blackwater and Verizon

I received the following from Blackwater representatives regarding the story I posted on Blackwater contracting with Verizon for security services.  Seems that this story is false and Daily Kos, The Examiner on line, democraticunderground, and other alternative media sites have pulled the story.  Thus, in the interest of journalistic integrity this story is now erased […]

Cheer Up. Things Could Be Worse!

“Cheer up, things could be worse,” goes the old joke.  I cheered up and sure enough, things got worse.  I actually said that to my friend as he was lamenting the passing of the most horrible decade in our lives.  It was a joke last night.  This a.m. it is no longer funny.   I was […]

Disgraced Blackwater now Trying to Fight Pirates

Security firm Blackwater, who’s past disasters include the controversial killings of 20 Iraqis under US contract have just been itching for more work. And what better job for a Company who’s name already sounds like a bunch of deckhands from the Black Pearl then to fight some Pirates!. Judging by the accounts of Iraqi civilians […]