Maher's "Real Time" Education Debate Failure Redux: Legend of the Fall, pt. VII

A new slogan has appeared from the ranks of educators who know the new education reform movement to be misguided, uninformed, and powerful: “Those who can, teach. Those who cannot pass laws about teaching.” This is a parody of the demeaning, “Those who can, do. Those who cannot, teach.” It is this saying that is […]

Koch Brothers: Clear Right-wing Strategy to go After Labor Unions in the United States

The billionaire brothers whose political action committee gave Gov. Scott Walker $43,000 and helped fund a multi-million dollar attack ad campaign against his opponent during the 2010 gubernatorial election have quietly opened a lobbying office in Madison just off the Capitol Square. Charles and David Koch, who co-own Koch Industries Inc. and whose combined worth […]

The majority’s choice: No One.

Pundits, professional interpreters of events, have awarded the Republicans with a “legislative landslide” in the House, and declared the Democrats “brutally defeated.” Backed by immense and well-organized corporate staffs and spinners (Karl Rove, the Chamber of Commerce and the billionaire Koch brothers for three) House Republican candidates were “swept into office.” The campaign mavens treated […]

The Rise of the Tea Partiers: A Long Time in Coming

As is always the case during any time of crisis, a far-right, populist movement is developing in the United States. It calls itself the Tea Party, after the famous Boston Tea Party of 1773 – a protest of colonial settlers against British colonialism. Cultural and Political Traditions The cultural and political traditions of any society […]

Attending the AFT convention in Seattle and protesting with BAMN and others, the horrific policies of Race to the Top

  The American Federation of Teachers: the Seattle Conference and the opposition to the privatization of education According to the corporate Seattle Times, a lap dog for special interests fanning the flames of school privatization: “Rowdy delegates to a national teachers convention Saturday gave several standing ovations to Bill Gates, whose billions in foundation grants […]

Arne Duncan and his privatizing cohorts not invited to the National Educators Association: Duncan and Obama refuse to cut monies from Race to the Top, preferring to let teachers line up for unemployment benefits

  No invite for Secretary of Mis-Education, Arne Duncan at The National Education Association The National Education Association Convention is still going on this week in New Orleans with resolutions remaining be turned in.  What is interesting is that not one of the Obama administration’s cohorts was invited to speak at the convention.  Neither Arne […]

News from Detroit Public Schools and the Detroit Federation of Teachers

Thursday Union Meeting!  Friday Court!  Saturday Meeting!  TIP $250 challenge rolls  forward! This is a huge week in the fight to save DPS and the DFT. Friday, 11: am.   Rob Bobb, the Financial Manager and bag-man for Eli Broad (the billionaire philanthro-capitalist bent on privatizing schools) and allm his plans for school privatization and school closures […]