Ellen Brown: US economic reform creates full-employment, renewed infrastructure, and zero national debt

source, with Zeitgeist Addendum video. Attorney and author of the brilliant Web of Debt, Ellen Brown, is among the leading US advocates of monetary reform and state-owned banks. Among Ellen’s articles is one worth highlighting for how quickly a national economy can turn from ruin to astounding productivity: Nazi Germany’s direct creation of money to […]

Berlin: STASI spy killed protestor Ohnesorg in 1967

Documents have emerged in the German press showing that policeman Karl Heinz Kurras, who shot student Benno Ohnesorg during a demonstration in West-Berlin in 1967, was a spy for the East-German secret police STASI. After trial, Kurras was acquitted due to lack of evidence. The shot that killed Ohnesorg on June 2 1967,  was to […]