Swiss Pass CEO Pay Initiative

According to the BBC, 68% of Swiss voters have backed a “fat cat” referendum to impose strict controls on CEO pay. The new law gives shareholders a veto on CEO compensation and bans “golden handshakes,” i.e. big payouts for new and departing managers. DW reports the success of the Swiss initiative is leading German political […]

The Criminals Who Run the Afghan Police

The Obama administration seems baffled by growing popular support for the Taliban in Afghanistan. While they grudgingly acknowledge anger over the continued bombing of innocent civilians by NATO drones and war planes, they are less forthcoming about the real reason - the criminals who run the Afghan police. This was the subject of a recent […]

The two-tiered system for California Community Colleges and the priority que in American Life

In this BBC radio interview you can hear a succinct report about the American toll booth society. Santa Monica College is highlighted as an example of where the two tiered system of education at community colleges is being proposed and resisted.  An excellent interview is done with former Santa Monica college student body president, Harrison […]

The Chinese CNN?

It has been well documented that the Chinese Media Machine has been working over time to get its nationalist message out that dissidence will not be tolerated, but with more and more of the country’s younger population able to hack through the government controlled Internet, China must do something.  God forbid if the Chinese population […]