Hilary 2016: Clinton associates lobby for vulture capitalists, scandal plagued for profit colleges, and uranium polluters

As recently reported in the Huffington post: “vulture capitalists” are lobbying the US Congress to require Argentina to pay in full what it owes on bonds it defaulted on in 2001.  Investors known as vulture capitalists bought up the defaulted bonds for pennies on the dollar and are now demanding payment in full, plus interest. […]

Leaked Document Shows Michelle Rhee Working With Connecticut Astroturf Group To Push ALEC’s “Parent Trigger”

Rhee’s group was coordinating with an astroturf organization in Connecticut. (Photo credit: Flickr user angela n.) Next month, the film Won’t Back Down will be released in theaters nationwide. This drama starring Maggie Gylenhall and Viola Davis — and backed by Walmart and the right-wing Anschutz Film Group — promotes the “parent trigger,” an American […]

The West Ed Chicago Hustle and other privatization schemes

West Ed is one of the leading front groups and think tanks for privatization of education.  It is one of many faux groups that publish questionable data to be used to decimate public education by arguing it is a failure. West Ed is funded the Bill and Melinda Gates crime family (http://www.wested.org/online_pubs/gates.profiles.pdf) as well The […]

Chicago Teacher's Union under attack by right wing blitz and astro-turf organizations

From a Chicago teacher- The profession that I - and thousands of my colleagues and friends have chosen - is being vilified in Chicago, as well as throughout the nation. Well-funded “astroturf” groups have taken out attack ads vs. teachers in Chicago on the radio, and our union is looking for ways to defend us. […]

LA Unified Schools: Pythagorean approach to measuring student progress mandated by court ruling

The case in Los Angeles was filed as Doe et al v. Deasy and over the objections of teachers and administrators groups, the Los Angeles Unified School District was ordered Tuesday, by a judge, to use students’ academic achievement in their teachers’ evaluations (http://articles.latimes.com/2012/jun/13/local/la-me-teacher-eval-20120613). The lawsuit should be called Ed Voice v. LAUSD – but […]