Test-Based Accountability and International Comparisons: Lessons Ignored

The historical and current focus on test-based accountability to drive education evaluation and reform is often situated within another historical and current approach to judging U.S. public education—international comparisons. Just as we tend to misuse test data, specifically the SAT, to rank and label the quality of schools and state education systems, we do the […]

Charter school capital projects: cashing in on kids

Investing hundreds of millions in new charter schools for 40,000 students nationwide is a huge goal and one born of a partnership between tennis pro and local charter-school developer Andre Agassi and Bobby Turner, chairman and chief executive of Canyon Capital Realty Advisors in Los Angeles.  According to their website: “Canyon Capital Realty Advisors LLC […]

Sacramento Co-Op Board Abandons Democratic Principles Won't Let Members Vote On Proposed Israel Products Boycott

By Maggie Coulter What started out as a question of whether the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op should stop carrying certain products based on human rights considerations has now become a matter affecting the Co-op’s very democracy. In an effort to prevent the Co-op’s members from voting on this issue, the Co-op Board has eliminated its […]

Our Debate Culture—Someone Wins, but Never the Truth

Recently, a colleague asked a few other professors and me to participate in a student debate as part of his first year seminar. Our role in the debate was to evaluate the debate, and of course, choose a winning side. During the debate, I came to recognize something about the debate itself, the college freshmen […]

I attended a Conservative 9/11 event with “US wars are unlawful” flyers; here's what happened. 6 of 6

source: Carl Herman at Examiner.com This article series explains what happened when I interacted with participants of a 9/11 event to welcome home US soldiers and honor the victims of 9/11, then provides the e-mail exchange with the sponsoring group’s leadership. Consistent with my last two years of writing articles to explain, document, and prove […]

American foreign policy explained and refuted in “Good Will Hunting” 2-minute video

source: Carl Herman, Examiner.com with video. Matt Damon grew-up as a neighbor of famed American historian, Howard Zinn, author of best-selling, A people’s history of the United States, that explains US history and foreign policy as a competition between American ideals and lust for oligarchic power. In the linked two-minute clip, Damon’s character in Good Will […]

Ground Zero Intolerance

By Will Shonbrun The controversy over a Muslim community center and mosque being constructed in close proximity to the WTC’s “Ground Zero” is an exercise in bigoted illogic. The argument goes: It was people of the Muslim faith that perpetrated the horrific murders of thousands and therefore a mosque near that site is an affront […]

Teacher pension funds face massive cuts and vampire banksters

Teachers pensions next:  Sorry, we can’t pay you!  Deficits too high! A recent study by the conservative Manhattan Institute and the right wing Foundation for Educational Choice (the right wing Milton and Rose Friedman foundation), was released by the Manhattan Institute on April 30, 2010.  It has claims that teacher pension liabilities for all 50 […]

Cuckholded: public pension funds part two

Cuckholded part two: Public pension plans to be decimated Unless working people follow the example of those hit in Greece with IMF austerity measures, current and coming generations of people in the United States will work longer for less.  Those who work for the public sector are seeing an all out ruling class attack on […]

NRA-Drunk With Power?

This rant is based primarily on two articles I read in the last two days. One comes from the the AP, written by Erik Shelzig- “Tennessee Demonstrates Trend of Looser Guns Laws.”  The other is entitled “Members,  NRA not in Accord” and it comes from the Scranton Tribune. The Tribune article is about a poll […]