San Francisco Beat poet: Kenneth Rexroth’s complete columns for the San Francisco Examiner, from Ken Knabb of the Bureau of Public Secrets

From Ken Knabb of the Bureau of Public Secrets In January 1960 the San Francisco Examiner (a Hearst newspaper) offered Kenneth Rexroth a job writing a weekly column. He accepted. By May 1961 the column had proved popular enough that he was asked to do two and sometimes even three per week. The association was […]

Jeb Bush and Obama plan joint appearance to support NCLB

Yes, believe it! MIAMI – When President Barack Obama and former Florida Gov. JebBush stand side by side at a Miami high school, it will be an opportunity for the Democrat to show a bipartisan approach to education reform while allowing the Republican to push his own nationwide message on the issue. Obama and Bush have […]


CENSORED IN 1976: COSMETICS MAY BE HAZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTH In 1975, American consumers spent $6,728,270,000 on cosmetics and toiletries. And while millions of these consumers were using these cosmetics and toiletries daily, few of them were aware of how hazardous they may be to their health. Author/researcher Chris Welles states “The awful truth is […]