Is Segregation a San Francisco Value?

Bill O’Reilly and other conservative talkers often portray my beloved San Francisco as a liberal Sodom and Gomorrah, an icon of corrupt mores summarized snidely as San Francisco Values. At first blush, a recent story in SF Weekly appears to fit O’Reilly’s liberal stereotype: “Schoolhouse Rocked: S.F.’s Most Controversial Charter School Throws Off For-Profit Masters”.  […]

American Enterprise Institute Critiques Daily Censored on Education: “Conspiratorial”

Yesterday, I published a critique of a cover story in the Oakland Tribune titled Public Education Under Attack By Bay Area Media, in which I pointed out that the “report” on teachers’ “excessive” salaries was ideologically lopsided, presenting a conservative viewpoint without challenge.  In the essay, I pointed out that the primary source in the […]

Public Education Under Attack By Bay Area Media

Today, The Oakland Tribune lead with a cover story Eating away at education: Math doesn’t add up when teacher salaries and budget cuts collide (reprinted by San Jose Mercury News), in which the reporter parrots the neo-conservative think tank The American Enterprise Institute’s party line, that schools are being run inefficiently, and teachers paid too much.  […]