Steve Conn, suspended Detroit teacher activist, seeks our support: let’s give it

  Picture of Steve Conn in the middle from a Baltimore AFT teacher: Hi all from Alan Rebar. Let’s stand up for Steve Conn and the Defend Public Education/Save Our Students (DPESOS) caucus of the Detroit Federation of Teachers. Steve Conn and three of his colleagues have been suspended from the Detroit Federation of Teachers. […]

For Immediate Release: Detroit Federation of Teachers Presidential Challenger Steve Conn Declares Victory, Demands New Election to Replace Fraudulent Vote Count

   “This isn’t Florida, and the DFT is Not a George Bush Union,” Declared the Real Winner, Steve Conn CONTACT:        Steve Conn                              (313) 645-9340 In a hotly contested runoff election for President of the Detroit Federation of Teachers, challenger Steve Conn of Defend Public Education/Save Our Students, (DPE) declared victory after the Election […]

BAMN: AFT and NEA we must win at the conventions

Join the Equal Opportunity Now/BAMN Campaigns for National Leadership of the Teacher Unions! Build a United Student-Teacher Civil Rights Movement Fighting to Defend Public Education!    Yvette Felarca for AFT President!    Mark Airgood & Ceresta Smith for NEA Executive Committee!   Education Must Be a Right - Our Children Are Not for SaleSave Dr. […]

REALM charter school approved in 'secret parliament' by the Berkeley School Board

Yvette Felarca is running for the presidency of the American Federation of Teachers and she better win!  For the stinking politics of Randi Weingarten, current AFT president, mirror the rancid policies of Arne Duncan in the battle to privatize education.  The REALM charter schools (the subject of much reporting here on Daily Censored) were approved in […]

How Not to Fight School Reform

By Guest Blogger XX, The Rhode Island Massacre in which teachers were all fired due to low math and literacy test scores set off a backlash among teachers and those who seem to support them. While some of the corporate media has exploited this for a good human interest story and even as a fairly obvious example of “injustice”, […]