Occupy the Department of Education

   Picture of Ceresta Smith At the Education Week, Teacher — a blog, Ceresta Smith and Tim Slekar are interviewed by Oakland teacher, Anthony Cody.  the blog can be found at: http://blogs.edweek.org/teachers/living-in-dialogue/2012/03/teachers_and_parents_prepare_t.html?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter  The interview: Last summer many of us marched to protest the US Department of Education’s policies at the Save Our Schools march in Washington, […]

MLK Jr. Day 2012: Organizations v. Community

Let me preface this commentary with a confession: I have lived my entire life in South Carolina, a non-union state, and I have always felt a tug toward a Henry David Thoreau-Groucho Marx-Woody Allen-esque recalcitrance to join anything. That said, I have come to see a powerful and often unspoken distinction between organizations, about which […]

(EXCLUSIVE) What is Really Happening on the Ground in Libya!!‏

  Click this link below to listen to the show: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/your-world-news/2011/06/16/what-is-really-happening-on-the-ground-in-libya   Please join us as we exposed the truth about what is going on in Libya…This was an exclusive interview with Dr. Randy Short who just came back from Libya on a fact finding mission. The information that he disclosed on this interview was […]

Truths About Zimbabwe

Two Part Series with Obi Egbuna www.blogtalkradio.com/your-world-news Please join us for Part Two (Sunday July 18, 2010 at 10:00 AM EST) of our exclusive interview with Obi Egbuna, US Correspondent for the Zimbabwe Herald. The Western Media has continuously lied to the world regarding issues throughout the African Nation of Zimbabwe. This exclusive interview will […]

New Immigration Law: Capitalism & Immigration = Fascism

By Elbert “Big Man” Howard Arizona’s newly-passed law, SP 1070, firstly, allows police officers to subjectively determine what race they think a person is along with how poorly a command of the English language they believe the person has. Secondly, this law allows these law enforcement officers at will, based on these racist methods, to stop, detain, harass, question, demand identification, […]

Zimbabwe, Liberation and Justice

www.blogtalkradio.com/your-world-news Please join us this episode (Thursday June 22, 2010 at 7:00 PM EST) for an exclusive interview with Obi Egbuna, US Correspondent for the Zimbabwe Herald. The Western Media has continuously lied to the world regarding issues throughout the African Nation of Zimbabwe. This exclusive interview will expose those lies and reveal the importance […]

Racism, White Supremacy & Hollywood

Racism, White Supremacy & Hollywood “There’s nothing that the Black man could use to earn Burn Hollywood Burn” - Chuck D, Ice Cube, Big Daddy Kane By Solomon (Academy Awards) season has come and gone and so, too, with it another year of Hollywood subsidized racist imagery. Hollywood, like many American mainstream institutions, has the […]

Berkeley School Board to vote on the proposed REALM charter school: Will faith-based charter schools coupled with oligarch and philanthro-capitalist largess improve public education?

The issue I am about to attempt to analyze is pressing and I call for all of you who wish to protect public education to please contact Yvette Felarca, yfelarca@gmail.com, National coordinator of the By Any Means Necessary coalition at www.bamn.com, (510) 502-9072 to oppose the privatization of Berkeley public schools and to resist the first step towards implementing this plan for privatization by the REALM charter school, scheduled to be approved on February 3, 2010 at the Berkeley Unified School District Meeting.

The REALM charter school, of which I write and that which is the subject of the Berkeley Unified School District’s upcoming decision, will be either approved or disapproved at the February 3, 2010 Berkeley School Board meeting. This is an important opportunity for you, the citizens of Berkeley and beyond, to register your protestations over what, if approved, will steer the course towards the privatization of Berkeley public schools. You can contact school board members and the Mayor of Berkeley by e-mail or phone:
Karen Hemphill, President (2010)
Beatriz Leyva-Cutler, Vice President (2012)
Nancy Riddle, Director (2010)
John T. Selawsky, Director (2012)
Shirley Issel, Director (2010)
Valeria Gonzalez Student Director (2009–10)

Contact Information for the BUSD Board of Directors:
Individual email addresses above or
boardofed@berkeley.k12.ca.us will send your message to all of the Board.
Voicemail: 510-644-6550