What can you do to help the workers and fight-back against ‘capital‘s' assault on labor in Wisconsin? Rallies planned all over the country

We cannot let the capitalist class win in Wisconsin.  Teachers have agreed to return to work, due to Fox News and other corporate media outlets that have created the image in the minds of many that teachers are overpaid thugs who have abandoned their students when in fact they are currently giving their students the […]

Right-Wing Calls for Provocateurs

Back in August , 2009, I published a small article titled “Goons With Guns” that linked to a memo from a Right-Wing Tea Party organization called Right Principles. The memo called for their supporters to disrupt and harass those that showed up to town hall meetings in support of health care reform. Here is a […]

Living in a 'Weimar Germany' moment: confront Governor Walker of Wisconsin with an 'Egyptian' moment

Protest the Assault on Working People of Wisconsin “Fascism ought to more properly be called corporatism since it is the merger of the state and corporate power.”                                   — Benito Mussolini Wall Street Greed created the depression, why should working people and the middle class be forced to bail the bankers out while their bonuses […]