Occupy Wall Street: Mobs, Media, and Message

  When the Tea Party formed, in 2009, they rolled up in billionaire chartered buses, handed out pamphlets, and were often hosted by national figures, like former Republican Speaker of the House Dick Armey. It turns out, a few of the many Koch brother’s front groups, like Freedom Works and Americans for Prosperity, have been […]

There is life after death—The Phoenix rises again.

I got the greatest news from a very unlikely source.  Thoroughly disappointed by the Health Care Bill that Obama finally passed, I was delighted to hear of a Congressional Representative who introduced a bill that would require congress to purchase health care from the companies that are supported by the Health Care Bill.  This is […]

Medical Insurance Fat Cats Working to Fleece Regular Citizens

Glenn Ford of the “Black Agenda Report” says that President Obama is waging a phony fight for public relations purposes in the media verse the insurance agencies. Ford says it’s really a sham battle and the issue has in actuality already been decided. The insurance companies gained the biggest prize in 50 years, forcing even […]