What's In A Number?

The U S borrowed $1,200,000,000 so we could give the Pakistanis  at least $3 billion dollars a year to help us find al Qaeda terrorists.  We all know how well spent that money is. Back in 2009 it was determined that the U.S. was spending more than that every month just to keep soldiers in […]

Standardized Students, Silenced Teachers: The Un-American Education Agenda

Writing about standards-driven education reform in her Releasing the Imagination, Maxine Greene explains: “The wilderness has many aspects, of course; the demons have many faces. What is happening makes me wish, more and more desperately, for authentic dialogue among educators. It is time our own voices are heard with greater clarity, the voices of those […]

My Challenge to the False Prophets of Education Reform

At some point during my sophomore year of junior college, I came to recognize myself as a teacher while working as a tutor for Dean Carter’s British Literature survey course. I had discovered my calling to be a writer about a year before that. During my journey to major in education and certify to teach […]

Koch Brothers: Clear Right-wing Strategy to go After Labor Unions in the United States

The billionaire brothers whose political action committee gave Gov. Scott Walker $43,000 and helped fund a multi-million dollar attack ad campaign against his opponent during the 2010 gubernatorial election have quietly opened a lobbying office in Madison just off the Capitol Square. Charles and David Koch, who co-own Koch Industries Inc. and whose combined worth […]

"Top Level Kids" and Accountability-A Radical Response

The 21st century Western world, driven by American corporate and consumer ideology, is a perpetual media culture that depends on sound bites and “the next thing,” leaving the public reduced to media consumers never allowed time to reflect on the information. Volume and speed have consumed and obliterated nuance, ethics, and accuracy. Numerous media outlets […]

Rhode Island: The predators have landed

The public education deterioration metastasizes  Crime scene: Rhode Island It seems that the “turnover artists” (for they turnover schools to privatizers) are pillaging Rhode Island public schools as we knew they eventually would.  While Obama plays hacki sak with Republicans over a public option for health care on TV, capitalism takes more and more victims […]


     As a result of some recent Air Force blunders, most notably the flight across the U.S. by an Air Force bomber mistakenly armed with nuclear-tipped cruise missiles, the Defense Department created a task force to study the management of the nation’s nuclear arsenal.      The results of the study and its 82 recommendations, reported […]