Support BAMN’s summer training program for young civil rights leaders


he following is from “By Any Means Necessary” or BAMN.

Dear Civil Rights Supporter:

Your help is needed TODAY to help sponsor low income young people from across the country to  participate in an intensive summer training program for young civil rights leaders.

To meet the type of talented, compelling student leader who is working with BAMN to build the New Civil Rights Movement, please watch the short video below.

For the next two weeks, middle school, high school and college student leaders will study the works of Frederick Douglass and Martin Luther King, Jr., as well as learn about the Great Migration and the lessons that can be learned from that historic movement and applied to the fight for immigrant rights that is currently defining the politics of almost every nation of the world.

As field work they will participate in the American Federation of Teachers convention, participate in a struggle to maintain the college prep curriculum at Catherine Ferguson Academy, the unique school for teen mothers that was saved through an occupation last spring, and take part in a direct action community organizing campaign to stop evictions in Detroit.

The young people who complete this program become better prepared to lead today’s civil rights movement.

These young people made long car trips cross country to travel to Detroit and are sleeping on the floors of Detroit organizers to have this opportunity to learn. But they still need funds for food and gas.

Please help to support this program! All levels of contributions will help. Donations can be made on line at or made out to BAMN and mailed to P.O. Box 24834, Detroit, MI 48224



Donna Stern

National Coordinator

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