At their Sacramento meeting on Saturday, August 6, 2011, the statewide Student Senate for California Community Colleges unanimously voted to endorse and fully support the signature gathering efforts to place Prop 1481 on the California ballot.  This proposition will place a 15% extraction fee on crude oil extracted in California which will produce approximately $3 billion annually for California Education: Community Colleges (48% - $1.5 billion), CSU (11% - $350 million), UC (11% - $350 million), and K-12 (30% - $1.09 billion).  These funds will be used for lowering college and university tuition, restoring cut class sections, rehiring laid-off professors and teachers, and reducing class sizes K-12, as well as for other classroom instruction and non-capital needs.

The Senators who head regions of ten colleges or more, pledged to take home petitions to the various campuses in their area, and launch intense signature gathering drives in the last five or six weeks between the start of the Fall semester/quarter and the signature gathering deadline of September 30.  President Kevin Feliciano, and Vice President Daniel Shedd were the major driving force behind the initiative to spearhead this highly significant endorsement.  Professor Peter Mathews, lead proponent and author of Prop 1481, stated “Our team is extremely inspired by the energy and commitment provided by President Feliciano, Vice President Shedd, and each of the student senators of the SSCCC.  Their endorsement and support are indispensable in our historic quest to restore and strengthen public education in California.”

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See attached photo from event.