2010 was a particularly tough year within the stolen borders of American, and throughout the globe—for that matter. The global economic crisis, caused by rapacious Wall Street Bankers and fueled by inhumane US capitalism, continued to rear its hideous head. Illegal occupations continued in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine. Illegal wars of aggression rage on throughout Central Asia. Police brutality and injustice continue as part of the staple diet for poor and oppressed residents within the US. The continued persecution of anyone non-white and Christian continue as part of the founding principles of American society. And people in places like Haiti continue to be used as pawns on the grand chessboard of Western Imperialists! Despite all of the above being real day-to day realities for tens of millions of people the repugnant US corporate media system purposely ignores these issues, especially in an accurate and balanced “light”. However, at Your World News Media we will never be bought off and, thus, we will report on these issues and more as we recap the year that was—2010. We will also open the dialogue to what needs to be done in order for real and tangible progress to be made in 2011 and beyond. Oh—and as always we will be playing some great resistance oriented and thought provoking Hip Hop Music.