While Americans read about ‘chuckle head’ news broadcasters and how they were amused by a celebrity on the Huffington Post, Boston is experiencing what can only be called ‘martial law’.

Alex Jones, hated by many but often spot on when it comes to such issues, has now given the public their first look at military occupation on Boston streets (http://www.infowars.com/battlefield-usa-de-facto-state-of-martial-law-declared-in-boston-pics-from-the-war-zone/).

The ‘Occupy movement’ is here but it is the one percent who is occupying the streets of America.

And Boston is only one city: Currently Arkansas is experiencing martial law and Chicago is set to get it when NATO comes to town.  Pittsburgh is rumored to also be the subject of military occupation when the G-20 comes to visit.

America is a gulag state and military occupation on the streets of American cities will increase as the system hovers on the precipice of collapse.