Hello!  My name is Kiley and it’s great to be part of Dailycensored.com!  I will be writing in my best attempt to uncover and report the truth behind the U.S. meat and dairy industry.  For most people, there isn’t much thought about where meat really comes from or how it is produced; but for those who forego eating meat (or like me, avoid all animal products), the issue of farm animals being raised and killed for food is always somewhere in our conscience.  

During this busy holiday season, it seems as though meat becomes the center of nearly every family’s dinner table, especially the beloved turkey.  So to begin this blog, I am enclosing a video that shows one of the nation’s largest turkey farms in action. The video is from www.peta.org (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and portrays the horror of what many farm animals must endure before slaughter and then transportation to markets, and ultimately, to our homes.  If you’ve never before seen real footage from a factory farm, this will likely be shocking to watch, but it’s the honest and unfortunate truth… and we’re here to give you the truth.




West Virginia Turkey Farm