Preface: As one of Daily Censored most prolific journalist (Danny Weil) moves from issues related to the country he has fled from (US) to now his home in Ecuador where he will start concentrating on the Realities of this Global Economic devourer of mineral extraction…a few words of hopeful insight to welcome his future undertakings and support his endeavors.
Sports as Foreign Policy:
Danny, I’m looking forward to your work on South America. Ecuador is one of the canaries in the mine, a fragile warning to all of us of the hegemonic control this country (US) seeks to project over, well let’s be honest, the entire world.
I don’t think that imperialist Obama and his world crushing ilk will succeed in corralling Latin America back into its nineteenth and twentieth century personal plantation but the problem is the battlefield will be left with many dead and wounded bodies and the environment devastated. It’s that bending arc thing concerning Justice. It’s just that as it bends towards Justice so much carnage will be the price.
I once wrote a piece on Obama as a basketball strategist. I don’t know if it touched the consciousness of those who may have read it. Seems Michelle Obama’s brother is a coach for an Oregon basketball university and once commented on Obama’s acumen as a game strategist while all others were praising his practical skills with the ball.
I thought to myself this is how he sees the world, this is the paradigm by which he plays out his sick dramas…at our expense I might add. Basketball is a highly competitive sport and is basically a game of controlling the ball and the field (court).
As a young boy who loved and played all kinds of sports, I learned above all the projected niceties of sportsmanship and fairness, that fierce competitiveness was the determining factor in success. And in the middle of a game it’s very easy to lose oneself in that kind of aggressiveness to win. The triumph of victory and the agony of defeat kind of thing. Sports are the training grounds for take no prisoners, spare no costs capitalism.
But having left the imaginary world of sports and youth and entered the real world of the consequences of one’s actions and that of one’s country, having grown to full consciousness of what this country of ours has become, I’ve realized life and politics are not games that mirror sports’ events, that the results of playing it out as a game can no longer be accepted.
Obama and this ideology of control and dominance has been played out to the point where it has exposed its visceral, gut spewing Wretchedness over the Earth.
Unfortunately, our fellow inhabitants on this small planet still seek the illusionary spectacle of sports for diversion with all its pomp and extravagance. A good example of this is the upcoming World Cup in Brazil.
In order to lure for profit, in order to capitalize on this world wide addiction to competitive spectacle, Brazil has chosen to construct stadiums that will never be used again after this event. Already almost a quarter million Brazilians are being moved from their favelas, their neighborhoods, along with the homeless, because of the perceived embarrassment to its national image and to ensure a “successful” production neatly packaged for those investors who control the purse strings of business enterprise in that country.
At the same time, many fully consciousness citizens of Brazil are demonstrating against the capitalist system of profit over people. They need schools and family supportive jobs. The need infrastructure to improve their lives and the basic necessities of electricity, food, a safe environment, and garbage collection. But what does their government offer them but the glittering trinkets of splashy mirrors reflecting upon one another but showing no way out of the maze.
Billions of dollars spent on throw away stadiums and international bunting, but nothing for the Brazilian majority, for their Very Real Lives.
Obama is a part of this Charade, this game with codes of behavior that will never confront the terrible damage it is doing to this planet and to all the species on it, the human along with the rest of our animal relatives and shared inhabitants, plants, skies, waterways.
Tomorrow the World will take a stand against GMO’s, another commodity that prioritizes profits over life sustainability. There will be demonstrations worldwide. The Russians have banned GMO’s from their country. They rightfully see it as form of terrorism. Many other countries are refusing to allow this frankenstein chemical mutation to even enter their borders while this country is struggling to just even get the commodity itself labeled for what it is, so that the People can at least have a say into what they put into their bodies.
Where is Obama on this? Is he “leading while following” as is his political tactic?
Ecuador is a small South American country with resources the US wants to keep within their sphere of influence while inroads of commerce continue to be made there by the Chinese government for its mineral wealth.
A war is being waged by the two largest economies in the world for the vultures’ takings. Small countries like Ecuador, and countries throughout Africa and Indonesia, will be picked to the bone and dried carcasses of the waste will be left behind after the carnage stops and all is extracted for the consumption of the imperialist economic occupiers.
And the subterranean unconsciousness of the global consumer mindset will probably not question what lives were lost, what soil and rivers polluted and destroyed to bring them their higher level of consumer living than the rest of the world.
And those same blind children-adults will take their cues from their cheek to cheek smiling leaders like Obama and Xi Jinping when another Game is tantalizingly dangled in front of them for world consumption and international prestige. And the only thing that will matter will be the hypnotic allure of another Diversion to the Realities of the Consequences of these games on the environment and lives of millions who are the consumer elite that can afford to buy the tickets to enter these Ozymandian stadiums doomed for extinction.
And these leaders and their Corporate Enabling Media whores will entertain but not enlighten as they will go about their servitude to the 1%.
My best to you, Danny, in exposing the decaying rot of capitalism as it is and will be played out in South America. I just hope your exposition lays bare the soullessness of that decaying monument to humankind’s obsession with the smallness of narrow self interests over the whole community and the planet, and won’t be just inadvertently through no fault of your own a chronicle read by many of man’s dystopian self-destruction.
__Bob of Occupy
published on Daily Censored. Org