By Concha Mateos
PhD in Social Communication
Faculty at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid


Something that looked impossible is happening.

A miracle. Could be. But there is no God acting, no holy character. Here there is only human will and the crowd´s wishes.

Thousands of people were there, in the same ideas, in the same objectives, in the same need of changes, in the same Puerta del Sol, but they didn´t know it.

The unknowed companions have meet together.

Have you ever taken a decision with thousands of people considering them all the same.

The square has become a school of democracy, pure, radical, real and effective democracy. (Democracia real ya, is the name of one of the groups that compounds the movement 15M). Every day while corporations try to captivate audiences with rubbish TV programs, you can find them there, listening each other sitting on the ground taking and sharing the floor. The sun assembly shines every nights in Puerta del Sol.

We build agreement where the politicians have ground competition.

We look for solutions where the politicians have ground oppression.

We don´t fight, we resist and protest creatively. Consent, participation, respect (to each other, to the animals, to the Earth…), dialogue… that is the methodology. We rise our hands and shout: Theese are our weapons.

And work hardly and patiently to reach agreement.

After thousands of years over the Earth, one system of production has appeared in the last period and managed to oppress more people and destroy more resources than ever It was perpetrated before over the world.

Beyond its plastic face, Capitalism has dragged ruin for the way of life of citizenry, and millions of persons not believed to regard citizenry, the immigrants, the subpersons who try to survey within the subdemocracy: no vote, no floor, no right, but slaves´ salaries for them and the large shame for all the rest of us with a piece of conscience.

Wellfare state is being mutilated and huge areas of the planet are condemned not to come to it, never ever.

Another system is possible, stop lying with your corporate media.

Spanish revolution is a revolution because people have changed. That is the first and the main step of a protest: the most important change that a revolution can make is the people transformation it sparks off.

We were angry at the beginning. Capitalism had been four centuries scattering reasons all over the paths we had to pass by and the walls we have to cross to get a job, to get a house, to get education, to get health care, to get political and social and cultural rights, effective rights, to get dignity.

Corruptions, privileges, policy makers being paid by enterprises to manage the economic rules, politicians acting as putty in corporations´ hands, TV entertainment instead of participation…Capitalism planted the reasons for the angry. But outrage is not the challenge. We are not working to remain angry.

The indignation we were feeling was identified long time ago. But who were “we”? Nobody knew. But we do now. We have revealed the “we” in Puerta del Sol May the 15th, we have revealed our indignation is general, we are thousands and thousands, a booming process of collective conscience.

A new political subject has emerged. We are the first transformed. That is because this is a revolution.
We have rescued that word from the TV movies and the History and Art treatises. We are giving back that mean to the people, common people in our areas has taken the floor and expressed last Saturday (May the 28th) what they want, what they feel, what they wish and they are about changing. Hundred of assemblies in Spain, women, men, mothers, grandfathers, students, faculties, workers, immigrants… real people living a real democracy beating in the core of their districts for the first time in their lives.

Indignation became illusion. And now, illusion is carrying us through organizing.

Angry plus illusion produce strengths. Strengths plus organization is fostering structural changes.

Yes, we camp. We have camped and we are carrying on.

Puerta del Sol camp is not going to fade away, is going to explote, setting up camping in the deep thinking of people. Nobody, no police, no govern could remove it from the brains of the new political subject that have burst onto the stage shouting Democracia real ya.

Remove the current electoral system, remove economic privileges the political class has allocated to itself, make the responsible companies of the crisis pay the crisis, stop the economic reforms dictated by international economic power and let our reason govern our world, not the capitalism´s ones. Claim, support and defend all this assemblyly, horizontaly, pacefully.

It is happening. And it is not a miracle. It is only that a lot of people have experienced his power.

We have had two general assemblies yesterday, May 29th. The assembly of local assemblies in the morning and the common general one at night. More than five and four hours. The need and the plan and the dream of restructuring the Puerta del Sol camp. Restructuring the camp that is a front sight for so many people. We connected in live with companions in Athens, in Paris… We condemned and rejected the police acting against them.

Have you ever taken a decision with thousands of persons in a public square?  Have you ever lived the beating of that responsibility uphold collectively?

It is a hard work. To turn the angry into illusion, and the illusion into agreement for  action. A genuine and heavy hard work, but the only one that can give us back our dignity.