Have you been following this story on the hacking of Sony Corporation and the North Korean insinuation?
What started out as a hacking of a corporation and the theft of personal information, etc. has now morphed into a terrorist threat from North Korea even though there is yet to be a shred of evidence linking the two.
The problem with researching conspiracies and finding the evidence to be exceedingly credible, one develops a very healthy skepticism about these kinds of incidences.
And one would have hoped that the pack of lies that took us to war in the Middle East would have created that same kind of skepticism in the minds of most Americans, but clearly so many are easily bereft of the capacity for connecting two things of equal nature. So when the Deep State and our propagandistic media go into action, the Authoritarian Followers follow.
A recent movie, The Interview_a comedy about an attempt to assassinate Kim Jong un, has been pulled from release because it is alleged that the North Koreans made a threat to retaliate if the movie came out.
And so the news becomes ambiguous pronouncements devoid of provable fact. What’s the difference between this and the claims of WMD in Iraq that the media went with in the lead up to our going to war in 2003? And did they find anything? You would think that might be a learning moment for the present of News Innuendo-Insinuation.
So here’s some more speculations that may or may not hit the mark more pointedly.
1) The Deep State within our government has launched another brainwashing of the citizenry for their own manipulative purposes. Perhaps since we’re talking WWIII, why not pull out all the stops and just make a complete annihilation of all the Communist countries and be done with it.
2) Is this a move within the Deep State to make an issue of the threat of world terrorism so as to further their takeover of our internet? Americans easily wet their pants and bend over when FEAR of an enemy, any enemy, is presented to them such that they will completely surrender all of their civil liberties to make the bogey man go away. 
3) How many Hacker groups exist out there, exclusive of imaginary international enemies, which could easily be behind this for all of their own reasons?
4) Do competing corporations have a vested interest in destroying one of their competitors by blackening their reputation?
5) We just got through a Torture Report that raised some serious issues to the consciousness of the American People, that might need another false flag operation to get them back on board with the agenda that we do, once again, need to work on the Dark Side as Darth Cheney once told us we must.
Well, one could go on and on, but it’s so much more advantageous to use
any negative event for political purposes, isn’t it?
For have we forgotten what Rahm Emmanuel, former chief of staff to Barak Obama, once flippantly said?
The classic Machiavellian ploy_“Never let a serious crisis go to waste”.