SF Quebec Solidarity Actions
Striking students in Quebec are setting an example for youth across the continent to take a stand against tuition hikes and austerity measures. The student strike was organized in a highly democratic way and aims to practice real democracy. When pushing back, students and allies have been met with severe repression, including excessive state violence perpetrated by government officials. They are also being met with excessive propaganda to discredit, dismiss, and smear the students.
Quebec’s struggle is all our struggle, as we face tuition hikes and an increasing, massive amount of student debt. Stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Quebec who are reflecting a growing global movement of resistance in averse to austerity, neoliberalism, and corrupt power.
Thursday June 28th 8:30pm: Movie Screening
555 California St. San Francisco
-Come enjoy popcorn and beverages as we learn more about the movement before getting out in the street the next day.
Friday June 29th 11:30am: Solidarity March
580 California St. San Francisco (across from 555 Ca St.)
-Stand in solidarity with the demands of CLASSE & oppose repressive law 78
-Bring casseroles (pots, pans, spoons to make noise)
-Wear red if you can