This says it all…VP DC in action. Commenting on American democracy and the theoretical role of the majority in public opinion on government policy, the VP, in disagreement with the current 64% majority of the public against the Iraq War, says, “So?” The public is just a meaningless, fickle obstacle. Unless the public is used (when manipulated by corporate media administration cheerleaders) to agree with official propaganda, in which case the VP is merely following the wishes of the people (and their manufactured consent on nonexistent WMDs and false connections between Hussein, 9/11, and Al Qaeda). Watch the live footage and see the link:

Got Democracy?

Truly amazing. Over 4,000 dead Americans and over a million Iraqis. The bulk of the American people, and the world for that matter, want the U.S. to step aside from the mess the illegal invasion created in Iraq. Second in charge, runner up to the leader of the free world replies: So? So. So, Dick won’t be “blown off course” by the realities of a democracy he allegedly serves. The Iraqis should be heartened by such a regal display of egalitarian prowess and ringing endorsement of government of, by, and for the people coming from one of those leading their occupation, I mean liberation. Let them eat Cakewalk. Are we winning the hearts and minds yet, anywhere? Is impeachment still off the table, Madame Speaker?