By Rebel Fagin

I wasn’t asked if I wanted to go to war. You weren’t asked if you wanted to go to war. Most critically, Congress wasn’t asked if they wanted to go to war. Yet at the urging of the State Department, America’s going to war. How was this unspoken agreement reached?
Public opinion has been a critical element of the war machine for over a century. The corporate media is owned by war profiteers. Prior to this most recent invasion of Iraq corporate television hosted 225 speakers in favor of the war and 6 against. On the major chat shows there were 89 speakers in favor of the war and 1 against. Each murderous assault adds gold to their coffers. The Bush regime recognized the value of media access to the military and limited front line access to those members of the corporate press who would toe the military’s line. Retired military officers were hired as “experts” to echo the administration’s point of view and the stenographers of the corporate media dutifully wrote down everything they said. The Pentagon refers to these military analysts as “message force multipliers” who will faithfully deliver administration’s “theme and message” across America “in the form of their own opinions.” Their wardrobes and titles give them authority. These salespeople frame the viewers understanding of the wars. The Pentagon advises networks on who the best military spokespeople are. By staying “on message” these analysts repeat phrases, often without proof, over and over until the viewer believes and repeats them as truths. Retired military personnel are flattered to be important again. If they criticize the”theme and message” they lose all their perks. Look at what happened to former Fox analysts, retired Marine colonel William V. Cowan. In August 2005 he told Bill O’Reily that the US was “not on a good glide path right now” and was immediately fired from the Fox analysis group.
Military analysts are not held to the same ethic standards as reporters.
This is most critical when it comes to conflict of interest. Here’s a list of some of the salespeople of war and their known conflicts of interest.
General Jack Keane is an adviser to Academi (aka Blackwater), a board member of General Dynamics and is often quoted by the New York Times, BBC, Fox and others.
Frances Townsend is a former Bush administration official, an advisor to defense contractor Decision Science and Z, and a CNN expert on ISIS.
Retired General Anthony Zinni is a board member of BAE Systems, and a spokesperson for CNN and other networks.
All of these salespeople support invading Iraq and Syria to stop ISIS and the Khorasan Group. The who?
Beyond ISIS lies the ultra terrifying Khorasan Group. We are told that these guys are really scary; worse then Isis. So how come we’re just hearing about them now? Here’s the dateline of the Khorasan Group propaganda for war. It was used as the legal rational for bombing Syria.
September 13 – AP tells us a group more dangerous then ISIS exists and is making bombs to target US planes.
September 18 – CBS let us know that the government is keeping Khorasan top secret and “unnamed government sources” are confirming their plans to attack the US.
September 20 – New York Times. Khorasan is led by Muhsinal-Fadhli who, according to the Times, was a close member of Bin Laden’s inner circle and knew of the 9/11 attacks in advance. We are told that he wants to bomb US airlines.
September 23 – NBC. “Khorasan is a threat to US because it aims to bring down airplanes with explosives.”
September 23 the bombing of Syria began. Eric Holder said that the Khorasan Group posed an imminent threat to the United States. Holder’s new definition of imminent now means that something might happen, potentially, at some time in the future. It no longer means immediate.
Anonymous government sources were at the root of these lies used to expand warfare. We’ll see them and this disinformation campaign again, as long as America fights wars of deception.

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