I have spent so much time in the last five parts of my investigation of the Sandy Hook alleged shooting of 20 children and 6 adults attempting to present evidence that I have perhaps lost some of you as evidenced by some comments like the basic “I don’t get it. Why did they do it?
   The evidence should speak for itself. It should inform you that the Official Story was the only thing shot full of holes. I believe I’ve presented enough evidence to show that.
   Now, why was this staged event, this hoax on the American People done? Once again, another “false flag operation” with the intention to rally the people for more gun control with the underlying premise that only law enforcement should be carrying guns.
   Let’s examine this: A hoax was perpetrated upon the American People in which elementary school children were used (though never killed as there is absolutely no evidence of such) to rally national support for strong gun control.
   And the people who have been inferred as being the only ones who should carry weapons in our society are the very ones who perpetrated this hoax, i.e. the FBI and State Police, and then classified their report so that no one could challenge their story, The Official Story.
   What a neat little package was wrapped up for our benefit and what have we now to show for it, but a more pronounced and embedded Police State. Mainly I say that because the American Public once again are not demanding answers.
   Our forefathers felt strongly about the 2nd Amendment given their struggle against a tyrant, England. We are confronting over 200 years later a tyrannical government, run by the 1% for the 1%. Or substitute the word “corporation”. Whichever you choose it speaks to Fascism.
   The “Citizens United” decision by the supreme court, was a judicial coup d’etats against the Constitution and the People of this nation. It has given ascendancy to the corporations and the 1% over the People. It’s the crowning jewel of a very conscious effort that began a long time ago with the Justice Lewis Powell Memo which sought to move this country further right placing the rights of business and the corporations above the rights of people and the environment. It also sought to move more and more conservative ideologues into executive, legislative, and judicial positions to assure their pre-determined goals.
   I am not a proponent of unregulated arms possession, but let me ask you this. We need look back no further than Ferguson, Missouri recently to a militarized police force that showed up in full martial regalia, armed for war in Iraq, supported by military vehicles equipped to sustain mines exploding beneath them. Their presence was aggressive, threatening, and intimidating. We saw the United States of the Police State where journalists, clearly visible, were attacked consciously and with clear focus and intent. Let me remind you. This was a suburb in the middle of America. It could have been Iraq, Afghanistan, or Benghazi, Libya.
   They are chipping away at our Second Amendment rights, one chip at a time.
   I think the overall understanding that all of us Americans must take from this event is the lengths to which the Deep State within our government will go to Control the People. This staged event began years ago. Actors were given houses on Christmas Day, 2009 for $0. A complete production (though they managed to bungle it on so many levels) hoodwinked the entire nation.
    A psychological coup d’etats was foisted upon a unsuspecting and trustful nation of People who think we are a democracy where our government is completely transparent.
   This event, if the media will only do its job and bring it to the attention of the American People, has the potential to arouse this nation out of its obsessive escape into denial and diversion and get our collective national and planetary focus onto what really matters, the survival of this earth and strengthening of democracy.
   Maybe the Actors in this Hoax have actually succeeded despite a horrible performance that only a moron would find believable because up until now we look like a bunch of moonstruck teenagers who so strongly want to believe that everything they learned in elementary school about their country is true___ too true to believe.
   In this last decade have we not heard a lot about psyops? Here’s the Wikipedia definition:

   Psychological operations (PSYOP) or, as it has been known since 2010, Military Information Support Operations (MISO),[1] are planned operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of governments, organizations, groups, and individuals.[2]

The purpose of United States psychological operations is to induce or reinforce behavior favorable to U.S. objectives. They are an important part of the range of diplomatic, informational, military, and economic activities available to the U.S. They can be utilized during both peacetime and conflict. 

   “They can be utilized during Peacetime.”

   Now before the usual disbelief takes over some of you and your start rambling down the avenue where you dismiss an argument as paranoiac, what happened after 9/11 when questioning Americans challenged their government’s cherry picking of evidence to take us to war? Was it a psyops operation with the complicity of the Corporate Enabling Media bullying and shaming anyone as “Unpatriotic” to prevent the truth from coming out that Saddam Hussein was not at all connected to 9/11, he did not have WMD, and he was not developing a nuclear bomb that we couldn’t wait for it to appear in the form of a mushroom cloud?

   Few challenged our going into Afghanistan and Iraq even though 16 of those alleged hijackers were Saudis. To question the most obvious to the brainwashed was verboten_a nice Nazi word meaning forbidden in the strongest of terms.

   So all those critics who were shouted down and denigrated aggressively and those who held their tongue for fear of the same kind of unthinking, unquestioning group think vitriol, they were right, weren’t they? Were the so-called Patriots thinking for themselves when they attacked Americans who were indeed thinking for themselves? Or were they responding to a psyops action put into place that gets the emotional flag waving emotions going that then supercede rational, critical thinking?

   See my question is Are We Being Played? Are we Americans so easily manipulated that over and over again they just keep hoodwinking us and we respond with complete bewilderment as to just what happened and immediately we move to our addictive escape of choice_ sports, celebrity gossip, you name it?

   And because we don’t demand transparency and accountability, and the Corporate Enabling Media serves as their personal propaganda delivery system, they can produce a Three Stooges staged performance with one anomaly after another, and we just go along for the ride. Hey, we can’t do anything about it, right?

   Get this. 153 shells on the ground allegedly and they don’t even match the weapon used. Adam Lanza supposedly had gloves with the finger tips cut off, but absolutely no fingerprints left on the weapons, wiped clean. What amazing clarity and genius for him to have wiped off his own fingerprints before he committed suicide. Probably didn’t want anyone to know who did it!

   Are you starting to get the gist of the ludicrousness of this case? No wonder they had to “classify it”.

   So what CAN we do?

   Talk to your neighbors, quit pretending, engage one another. Speak the truth. This is our country, as Ben Franklin once said ,”only if you can keep it.”

   Spread the word, one on one, now that you have the facts. Don’t be put off by being called “conspiracy theorists”. Remember when you have substantiated facts to back up your argument, it is no longer theory.

   Remember also, not confronting false flag operations such as Sandy Hook give free reign to the Deep State within our government to proliferate more. It’s up to us to put a stop to this destruction to the foundations of our democracy_Truth and Justice.