S S & Medicare Are Part of the Solution, Not the Problem


Let me try to make this very simple.  Social Security and Medicare are not part of the problem.  They are part of the solution.  They are NOT part of the deficit.  Cutting them will not make the deficit less.  Cutting them will reduce the revenue side of the equation and make the deficit bigger.  Everyone on SS spends their checks.  (except the rich).  That creates jobs and produces tax revenue.


Our deficit is created by selling treasury bills, which are promises to pay.  We sell those notes to get money to meet our budgeted costs for programs our government has.  Those expenses include things like Federal aid to education, farm subsidies, run the FDA, the EPA, the FBI, the Transportation Department, and, of course, the Defense Department.  The wars are not included in this, but they are financed by taxes.


The reason the war is not under the Defense Department, directly, is that the Defense Department is already getting 60¢ of every tax dollar.  If we added the wars directly into their budget, you would see that the Defense actually takes at least 80¢ of every tax dollar.


Now one might argue, that Social Security and Medicare cost as much as the Defense Department does.  Yes and NO.   As I just said, The Defense Department budget and the wars are paid for by borrowing from, well , China.  Social Security and Medicare are NOT part of the budget.  They are independent trust accounts that people pay into.   FYI the amount that you do pay into them is deducted from your total income, to get your “adjusted gross income” on which you are taxed.  You are not taxed on those contributions.


Let me say that again.  Social Security and Medicare are not adding to the federal budget’s expenses.  They are not paid out of your taxes.  They are not financed by the money we borrow from China.  They ARE paid for by private contributions of the private citizens who will collect from them.  Cutting Medicare or Social Security will not reduce what we have to borrow because WE ARE NOT BORROWING TO SUPPORT THEM.

The calls to cut Social Security and Medicare are being made by the elite because they do not need those programs.  The rest of us do.  The elite resent having to contribute to the common good for the people of this country. Those cuts JUST HURT people and DO NOT HELP TO REDUCE THE DEFICIT.


Nixon was the first to include Social Security and Medicare with his budget figures and he did so to make his budget appear “bigger.”  By making the Federal budget appear “bigger, ” military spending does not look like so large a part of it.


So FUCK EM when they say we have to cut Medicare and Social Security, because that is what they are saying to you and personally I am fed up with getting fucked.








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