Rozy Press has been fighting the Workman’s Compensation system and the Los Angeles Unified District for quite some time.  In the following you can read her latest piece on her case.

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Where do we all get a job like this writing “Bogus” Medical Reports? No evidence, no interview and no exam. You just write an “unsubstantiated” Medical Report. It’s just a song and a dance for $16,770. It lowered my Rating and denied my Benefits. And LAUSD/Sedgwick CMS gladly pays you. The pay is great!

Isn’t Dr. Stalberg who takes the Hippocratic Oath “Do No Harm” supposed to “Do No Harm”? Wasn’t his medical reports supposed to be based on the substantiated evidence? Not his last 2 medical reports in my case? Not in Dr. John Stalberg’s 11/15/2011 $16,770 a page Medical Report. Or his $ 7,740 Medical Report of 2/15/2008 that the Workers’ Comp Appeal’s Board Decision of 4/1/2011 deemed it unsubstantiated. Dr. John Stalberg gave me a 100% rating in his 2005 Medical Report credible and cooperative. That only cost $3,900. It seems it’s more for unsubstantiated medical reports.

Dr. John Stalberg as my investigation revealed and all the people I spoke with including Michael Rushford of CJIF, the Criminal Justice Legal Foundation all agreed. That Dr. Stalberg is notorious for changing his mind and writing “Bogus” unsubstantiated medical reports in criminal and civilian cases. His slime flows everywhere as I have been told and experienced myself. He pronounced a Death Sentence on me as he lowered my Rating and denied my Benefits. By partnering with Judge Jerold Cohn and using his unsubstantiated Medical Diagnosis-not a doctor. He changed ALL the facts and added his own unsubstantiated evidence to his 11/15/2011 Medical Report $16,770-$700 a page. My health is deteriorating. My home is in Foreclosure, I can’t pay my bills. And I don’t have money for food. All because Dr. Stalberg lied in his “unsubstantiated” medical reports.

Right there on Dr. Stalberg’s Website it says, -A Workers Comp case is adjudicated on the basis of “substantial evidence” that requires solid data to back it up. This is a level of evidence that has been employed in criminal cases for a long time, and today is equally demanded by the courts in Workers Comp cases.- Dr. Stalberg so what happened in my case? Where was the substantiated evidence? Your 2008 Medical Report for $ 7,740 was deemed “unsubstantiated”

By the Workers’ Comp Appeal’s Board. Then you wrote another “unsubstantiated” Medical Report for $16,770 to make sure my coffin was nailed shut.

And he goes on to say in one of his videos on his Website that the Evaluator, meaning himself in his cases, needs to be objective, have the facts/data and be able to support them. He stated that it is so very important in a Workers’ Comp case to reach the substantial evidence as in criminal cases. If the substantial evidence is not reached in the medical report then the report can be thrown out. He admitted under Oath that he didn’t have the evidence for my medical diagnosis and he didn’t care. It seems Unsubstantiated Reports are rewarded with a Big Payday in the Corrupt Ca. Workers’ Comp system. Why the 11/15/2011 wasn’t “unsubstantiated” Medical Report thrown out.

Under oath, Dr. Stalberg states that he received $16,770 a page for his 11/15/2011 medical report. He didn’t have all the records, he followed the judge’s medical diagnosis-not a doctor, He didn’t have the evidence for the medical diagnosis and he didn’t care. When he wrote the report he stated he hadn’t even seen me for years and he didn’t want to see me. He was not interested in seeing Dr, Silverman’s medical reports as the Workers’ Comp Appeals Court 4/1/2011 Decision wanted him too.

LAUSD, Los Angeles Unified School District, paid him right away. I wonder why?  Where other Workers’ Comp doctors have to wait for months even years to get paid.

All the documented evidence can be gone over and clearly anyone can see that over and over again, line after line and page after page Dr. Stalberg purposely lied. All In order to Lower my Rating and deny my Benefits. Is the Workers’ Comp System so blatantly corrupt that anything goes to destroy my health and life? All in order to break the law not medically treat me or pay me. All the substantiated evidence in my case clearly shows this to be a fact.

I am just one of thousands of Ca. Injured Workers having to endure the horrific treatment of a very Criminally Corrupt Workers’ Comp system.

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