We Celebrate Our Huge Victory in Court, and Demand that Bobb Resign Now!

 Submitted to the December 9th DFT General Membership Meeting


1.      In a huge victory this week for the people of Detroit, most especially our city’s students and teachers, Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Wendy Baxter issued a permanent injunction barring Robert Bobb from controlling DPS academics or educational policy.

2.      Judge Baxter found that there was no absolutely legal basis for THE emergency financial manager to control academics or educational policy.

3.      Judge Baxter further said that Robert Bobb had no experience or educational training that made him fit to control academics.  She said that Bobb’s market-driven academic plans ran contrary to the findings and recommendations of educational expert witnesses in the case.

4.      Judge Baxter further took note of the fact that although Bobb’s Chief Academic Officer refers to herself as Dr. Barbara Byrd Bennett, her doctorate is a purely honorary degree.

5.      Since the judge’s decision, Bobb has continued to arrogantly thumb his nose at DPS students and teachers, announcing his intention to appeal this decision (with DPS funds, of course), in spite of State Superintendent Flanagan’s Advice not to appeal, and declaring a new DPS hiring and spending freeze, despite the desperate need for more teachers as well as books and other school supplies.


1.      That the Detroit Federation of Teachers (DFT) hereby reiterates our demand that Rob Bobb resign.

2.      The DFT office is hereby instructed to widely disseminate this resolution:  Tomorrow, December 10th, it will be faxed and emailed to all local news media, TV Channels 2 , 4 , and 7, WWJ 950 AM and WDET FM radio, the Detroit Free Press, Detroit News, Michigan Chronicle, and Michigan Citizen newspapers.   The full text and title will also be posted in a prominent position on the main page of the DFT website and printed on the front page of the next edition of our union newspaper.