Source: Carl Herman,

Lifting the Veil is a two-hour film that documents how the Obama Administration is continuing and escalating the policies of the Bush Administration in the unlawful areas of US wars and economic fraud.

These policies are easily shown as Orwellian unlawful, as I explain and document here.

The American response will be revolution because:


It’s simple:
  • Choose limited government under law; the US Constitution is an excellent document. You know that.
  • Stand with Gandhi and Dr. King to refuse cooperation with obvious US crimes because millions of lives and trillions of our dollars are at stake. You know they were right.
  • Have the intellectual integrity and moral courage to think, speak and act for truth under just law. You know that’s who you are.


It’s right:
  • The US wars aren’t close to lawful. You can master these facts and save lives. I explain the evidence in an interview and provide the written version; both here. You want to be a responsible citizen.
  • The US tortures, and orders indefinite detention and extrajudicial assassinations. These policies are being applied by the US government to American citizens. You know those are un-American and wrong.
  • It’s your money. You’re being looted. I recommend the Academy Award Best Documentary, Inside Job to understand the crimes. You know you’re being lied to about Wall Street and are ready to learn the facts.

Revolt. We have the facts, the law, and what’s right on our side.

“Leadership” of Republicans and Democrats are easily proven as liarslawless, and murderous thieves.


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